Diversity and Inclusion

ProspHire is committed to creating an inclusive environment that helps our people prosper.

Relevant Opportunities to Activate, Elevate, Lead

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at ProspHire begins the way everything at our Firm begins – with relationships. We are working to build an inclusive environment that supports the core value of Inclusion and encourages diverse voices. Each member of our team brings a diverse background, skillset and perspective.​

We are focused on several strategies for making more progress and creating a more representative, fair and high performing workforce.

Elevate Equity

DEI is about more than just mandated training programs. DEI trends will center around incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into every policy and process in our organization, from work setting to graphic design.

Shift the Talent Pool and Change the Employee Experience

We continue to analyze our recruiting, hiring, employee retention training and even everyday processes through a DEI lens.

Pivot from Diversity Training to Leadership Development Coaching

Employees and clients now expect more from organizations. Creating a culture of inclusion leads to happy, productive employees and loyal clients.

Why We Need To Do More

  • Promote a shared experience
  • Provide broader perspectives
  • Nurture a more positive workplace
  • Understand clients better
  • Put actions behind words
  • Give opportunities for all
  • Encourage fresh insights and innovation
  • Experience better retention

Our Actions

  • ProspHire’s gender and racial makeup will reflect Pennsylvania demographics by the end of 2022

  • We will double our spend with diverse suppliers* within three years

  • We will create a mentorship program that specifically targets marginalized groups

  • We will partner with African American-owned businesses

  • All ProspHire practitioners will participate in annual mandatory D&I Unconscious Bias Training (beginning in 2021); Training on D&I topics will also be provided on-demand and through year-round thought leadership.

  • We will continue our long-standing commitment to The Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania and target at least 50% of our charitable giving towards organizations that address the challenges faced by marginalized communities

  • We will hold ProspHire leadership accountable to achieve all of these Actions, which will be supported by our internal ProspHire Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Progress on Our Actions

  • We want to do better, but currently*, 46% of our practitioners are women 14% are racially diverse and 5% are veterans

  • We completed a baseline of our spend with diverse suppliers for 2020 and set our target for 2023 (which we plan to reach early)
  • 15% of our practitioners (and all of our Firm Principals) are participating in Vibrant Pittsburgh’s mentorship program
  • We are pursuing partnership opportunities with minority-owned firms Fox- Chase and RC21x
  • We have secured a facilitator and training will take place in July or Aug.
  • We exceeded this goal; 77% of our charitable giving in 2021 supports marginalized communities
  • We stood up a D&I Committee that meets bi-weekly with workstreams that address training, supplier diversity, university relations, recruiting, mentorship and charitable giving; Committee membership represents 24% of Firm and spans all levels


Minority vendors

Company goal to double our spend with diverse suppliers within three years


Our firm is 46% women 14% racially diverse and 5% are veterans.


Local and national awards for diversity and growth


% of Corporate Donations to Minority Causes

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