ProspHire History

In 2015, ProspHire headquarters started in a basement.​ Today we serve clients all over the country. ​

From a home basement in a Western Pennsylvania suburb… to serving clients around the United States.

From 2 founders… to nearly 100 professionals.

From a wide range of industry practices to a focus on healthcare-specific solutions for payers and providers.

In April 2015, Lauren and Chris Miladinovich founded ProspHire, as a management consulting firm, on a paper napkin in their basement. Within a year, they opened their first office space on the North Shore of downtown Pittsburgh. By year 3, they had announced their focus exclusively on healthcare, was officially certified as Women-owned Business and had quickly expanded to a new headquarters in the Pittsburgh Power Building in downtown.

In 2018, the Firm continued its expansion in the Pittsburgh Power Building and held the first Prosper Together Day of Service. 2019 brought a commitment to education for our practitioners and our clients around the country with the launch of ProspHire University, a unique learning program led by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals in order to develop the industry leaders of tomorrow. ProspHire admitted its first Principal into the partnership in 2020 with Dan Crogan.

Today, ProspHire’s entrepreneurial spirit lives on and the Firm continues its history of growth as it expands into new markets, always focused on the purpose of helping people proper every day.