Award-winning culture anchored by the core purpose of helping people prosper.

At ProspHire, we are committed to helping our employees succeed personally and professionally – build enduring relationships, explore learning opportunities and be authentically you. We encourage our employees to be a positive force in the world by creating sustainable healthcare for all and shaping the communities in which we live, work and play.

Each of our employees brings a range of skills, perspectives and experiences that allows us to continually improve our healthcare services and set us on a path to succeed in our vision of leading excellence in delivery and execution of healthcare solutions. It stems from our fundamental purpose of helping people prosper.

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At ProspHire, we believe that the best way to develop the next generation of leaders is with an environment that includes continuing education, hands-on experience and opportunities for innovative growth. If you’re ready to step into the real-world and gain the experiences needed to build your talents and broaden your perspective, ProspHire might be the right fit. 

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Wherever you start your career can make all the difference in where you end up. Your experience will depend on the people, resources and opportunities available to you. At ProspHire, you will be surrounded by colleagues who are ambitious and motivated to help healthcare clients solve their most challenging business problems. You will be supported and mentored by seasoned professionals who will push you to develop an understanding of the client’s business, lead workstreams and help plan, execute and monitor projects that deliver quality results.

Experienced Positions

A key attribute of ProspHire’s leadership team is the drive to help our clients prosper. You will work closely with a diverse team of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to one purpose –partnering with our clients to translate their strategic vision into deliberate action with measurable results. Your work here can draw on every aspect of the experiences you’ve earned on your way to this level.

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