Soaring to New Health

ProspHire’s Healthcare Podcast Series

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Are you a healthcare leader looking to improve costs, quality and patient experience? ‘Soaring to New Health’ is ProspHire’s monthly podcast that will educate, entertain, inspire and help you prosper in today’s ever-changing healthcare industry.

Hosts Chris Miladinovich, entrepreneur, co-founder, Principal and COO and Dan Crogan, Principal and SVP of Consulting, dive into the latest healthcare challenges, share empowering client stories and business insights and provide you with effective ways to optimize your time, develop your teams and structure your processes. Join their special guests along the way. ​

What does a pilot, a hockey dad, a Juliana pig and healthcare have in common? We don’t know either, but buckle up, it’s going to be a ‘health’ of a ride!

"Souring to New Health" ProspHire Podcast
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