Soaring To New Health – Season 1

ProspHire’s Healthcare Podcast Series

Season 1 Episodes

The Stars Are Aligned | 31 minutes | Blog

We are diving deep into the world of healthcare and performance improvement.  Medicare Stars and its far-reaching implications what it is, why it’s important for health plans and members, common challenges and successful strategies. 

The Glass is Half Healthy | 28 Minutes | Blog

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) are a hot topic in the healthcare industry. And rightfully so. In this episode, we talk about what they are, why they are important to measure and how they can play a role in more efficient care with better patient outcomes.

This is Like Pulling Teeth | 27 minutes | Blog

There is a new culture of dentistry and it’s being led by a premier, national dental group with a commitment to industry-leading service and care for every patient at every visit. We’re talking with NADG about innovative technologies and AI platforms being leveraged by their affiliated dentists that enable them to focus on the best care for their patients 

Who the Health is ProspHire | 16 minutes | Blog

Bonus Episode! It was our very first podcast conversation… never before told stories about creating the name ProspHire, the core of our healthcare consulting focus and why we believe our client relationships are so important and our dedication to the Boys and Girls Clubs in our local communities. This episode is in memoriam of Lauren and Chris’s pet Juliana pig Nola who sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge in summer 2023.

ProspHire Employees at Pharma Podcast

Ask the ‘Next Generation’ Pharmacist | 26 minutes | Blog

The Next Generation Pharmacist is a health care provider and change agent personalizing medication use, managing safe and effective medication systems and creating healthier communities. The pharmacist’s role has rapidly changed since the pandemic and we’re talking about new ways to deliver patient care and how medication management has evolved.  

ProspHire Podcast's Featured Guests and Hosts

Don’t Be a Pain in the ACA | 27 minutes | Blog

The Affordable Care Act: From how does it affect healthcare to what health systems, providers and plans need to do to increase their plan membership. ProspHire’s ACA experts share stories about what goes right when organizations make ACA compliance and regulations a priority. 

Featured Guests

Andrew Bell with blurred background
Andrew Bell | Stars Performance Improvement Expertise

Andrew Leads ProspHire’s Medicare Stars Performance solutions, where he oversees the delivery and execution all of Stars project work, including contract assessments, program transformations, amongst other services. His work within managed care has a particular focus on Medicare Quality Improvement and Medicaid Performance Improvement Programs. 

Lauren Miladinovich with blurred background
Dan Weaver | Stars and Quality Expertise

Daniel Weaver is the Senior Vice President of Stars and Quality at Zing Health, a tech-forward health plan based in Chicago. With over 25 years of experience in Operations and Star Ratings strategy, he helps organizations implement and maintain a highperforming Stars infrastructure to support rapid growth 

Matthew Dauffenbach ACA Expertise
Julie Evans | SDOH Expertise

Julie leads the SDOH practice at ProspHire and is skilled in project management, process improvement and public health and healthcare marketing. She is passionate about SDOH and health equity focused initiatives and helps client’s development and design program interventions and strategies for areas of profound health disparity.

Matthew Dauffenbach ACA Expertise
Dan LaVallee | Social Impact Expertise

Dan is the Senior Director of UPMC Center for Social Impact at UPMC Health Plan. He leads the Center’s program development team with a multi-million-dollar budget of scalable community-based organization partnerships. The goal is to help UPMC Health Plan members – and communities as a whole – find jobs, housing and other social supports.

Dan Lavalle SDOH Expertise
Paul Reda | Dental Group Executive 

Paul is the CEO for North American Dental Group (NADG) and is passionate about pioneering a new culture of dentistry. He joined NADG as COO in January 2022 and became CEO in June 2022. He brings over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry.  

Andrew Bell Medicare Stars Expertise
Armanda Lester | Dental Group Operations  

Armanda is the VP of Operations at North American Dental (NADG) and has worked in an operations role for the organization for 10 years, bringing non-clinical administrative services to more than 240+ affiliated dental practices across 15 states. 

Lauren Miladinovich with blurred background
Lauren Miladinovich | ProspHire CEO

Lauren became the Managing Principal and CEO when she co-founded the Firm in 2015. She serves a vital role in developing the Firm’s strategic priorities, onboarding new clients and partnering with complementary and highly specialized organizations. 

Chris Antypas Pharmacy Executive
Chris Antypas | Pharmacy Executive

Chris is a seasoned pharmacy executive, entrepreneur and innovator.  He has broad industry expertise due to his diverse organization roles including President at Asti’s Pharmacy, President at Perigon Pharmacy 360, Director of Pharmacy at Henderson Brothers Inc. and Chief Strategy Officer at Pharmacy Marketplace Inc.

Mark Thomas Healthcare Consultant
Mark Thomas | Healthcare Consultant

Mark is a Consultant and Pharmacist with experience in pharmacy benefit management, specialty pharmacy strategy, clinical digital innovation, process improvement and project management. He drives improved adherence and bottom-line savings for patients and payers and he also helps payer clients reduce their prescription drug spend by performing analyses and implementing utilization management strategies.

Caitlin Nicklow ACA Expertise
Caitlin Nicklow | ACA Expertise

Caitlin has 10+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry and Medicare, Medicaid and provider sectors. Caitlin excels at managing complex programs and projects, identifying gaps and driving significant cost savings and revenue generation for clients.

Matthew Dauffenbach ACA Expertise
Matthew Dauffenbach | ACA Expertise

Matt specializes in project management, business transformation and process improvement. He is skilled at driving operational assessments and managing operations in corporate, private practice and retail settings.