Soaring to New Health Blog – Episode 4, This is Like Pulling Teeth

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 4 of the Soaring to New Health Podcast.

This episode is This is Like Pulling Teeth. We talk with Paul Reda, CEO, and Armanda Lester, VP of Operations, from North American Dental Group (NADG) – a dental services organization that provides nonclinical administrative services to more than 240 affiliated dental practices across 15 states and continues to expand access to care.

As NADG started to evolve the leaders looked at group dentistry practices and aimed to add best-in-class providers to the organization. Today, NADG is pioneering a new culture of dentistry… to be available to patients when it suits the patient and serve patients in the way they want to be served. It’s about providing the best patient care for every patient at every visit.

A technology that was born out of listening to their patients is a platform called Ask Nicely. The patient receives a text message after each visit that asks for a rating about the recent office visit experience. The question responses scale from one to ten and any response below a nine prompts a call to the patient within 24 hours to discuss. The goal is to ensure every patient is receiving the best care and to continue to improve the patient’s experience.

Innovation is a continuous path at NADG. In early 2023, the organization began rolling out an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for dental called Overjet. It is an intelligence support mechanism that involves an overlay of color coding that the dentist or hygienist uses to determine a treatment path and that visual makes it easier to communicate to the patient. Additionally, many of the top insurance companies are making claim decisions with this platform. Reda says, “AI is in its infancy and I think we need to use it responsibly. It’s not a replacement for human beings and it’s certainly not a replacement for a doctor. Patients want to talk to a real person and be treated like a real person rather than an object or a number.”

NADG encourages community service within its practices, participating in events such as Give Kids a Smile or local school training for teaching children how to brush their teeth. It’s a part of the culture and the core values. Every year, Paul Reda acknowledges team members who exemplify community involvement. A select group travels with him to Zurich, Switzerland for a global ceremony for the Chairman’s Award.

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