Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

ProspHire is committed to creating an inclusive environment that helps our people prosper.

Educate. Elevate. Advocate.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at ProspHire are more than initiatives; these are qualities woven into the fabric of our firm, rooted in our core value of relationships. We are dedicated to building an inclusive culture that embraces the fundamental value of Inclusion and celebrates diverse voices. Every individual on our team contributes a unique blend of backgrounds, skills and perspectives.​

ProspHire’s Inclusion Group

At ProspHire, our inclusion groups stand as pivotal pillars of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Originating from grassroots initiatives, each group is driven by ProspHire leaders deeply invested in DEI, who actively champion their peers’ causes. Beyond building a sense of belonging and connection, these groups serve as dynamic agents of change. Our inclusion leaders are empowered to engage directly with firm leadership, facilitating a seamless exchange of ideas and feedback to drive meaningful progress within our organization.

Encouraging Open Minds

Our people are the hearts and minds of ProspHire. Their unique skillsets and viewpoints enrich our culture and our ability to deliver exceptional services and experiences. Below are programming and events we encourage our employees to collaborate with, learn from and participate in to celebrate their peers. These events foster a sense of belonging and allyship by promoting awareness and education. Providing dedicated space and learning platforms to encourage the sharing of ideas and experiences is one of the best investments we can make for our employee’s personal and professional growth. 

Phamily Matters is an inclusion group at ProspHire that prioritizes the familial aspects of our work environment, Committed to building a sense of belonging and support comparable family dynamics, this group aims to create a space where employees can connect, share experiences and seek guidance on navigating both personal and professional challenges. Whether it’s providing resources for parents balancing work and family commitments, supporting employees with caregiving responsibilities or celebrating diverse family structures, Phamily Matters strives to make every individual feel valued and supported within our workplace community. Through its inclusive initiatives and discussions, the group strengthens bonds among colleagues and promotes a culture of empathy, understanding and solidarity.

Women’s Network is an essential inclusion group within ProspHire dedicated to empowering and advancing women in the workplace. Committed to fostering gender equality and creating opportunities for professional growth, this group provides a supportive platform for women to connect, share experiences and access resources tailored to their needs. From mentorship programs and leadership development initiatives to advocacy for gender-inclusive policies, the Women’s Network strives to break down barriers and promote a more inclusive and equitable work environment for all. By amplifying the voices of women within our organization, this group plays a pivotal role in driving positive change and building a culture where every individual can prosper.​

Unconscious Bias Training

ProspHire seeks to promote greater understanding of inclusion, along all dimensions of diversity, through unconscious bias training. All ProspHire employees are required to participate in annual unconscious bias training. Through thoughtful conversation and heightened awareness, we can disrupt the effects of unconscious bias.

Candid Conversations

Through Employee Focus Groups and other facilitated sessions, ProspHire hosted a series of candid conversations around work-life balance, the challenges women face in the workplace and employee recognition. These sessions are held with the intent to understand, acknowledge and facilitate actionable change, providing a forum for practitioners to provide feedback and drive change.

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Women’s Network Book Club

Open to all practitioners, ProspHire’s book club read “When Women Lead” by Julia Boorstin in 2023. The group met virtually and in person for thoughtful discussion, key insights and takeaways.

Speaker Series

ProspHire hosts guest speakers to share their experiences about mentorship, leadership and their career path. Guest speakers often speak about their personal and professional experiences that shaped them into the leader that they are today.

External Impact

The opportunities we have as a business to make a positive impact aren’t limited to our relationships with colleagues and clients. Our efforts to drive community change should extend beyond our firm – to reflect all groups substantively impacted by our actions. Keeping this in mind, ProspHire employees strive to participate in events which engage with our broader communities.

These efforts are an essential and ongoing element of our DEI journey.

Support for Black-Owned Businesses
Annual Prosper Together Day at Boys and Girls Clubs of Pennsylvania
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Highlighting Female Authors in Book Club Kick-Off
Fundraising for Dress for Success

Our Path Forward

Creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture is not about reaching a predetermined destination – it’s about the journey and the work along the way. That journey will evolve with time, and we will always work to press forward.

    • We will improve our demographic diversity by strategically broadening our candidate pool.
    • We will continue to partner with minority-owned businesses and achieve 15% diverse supplier spend by 2025.
    • We will continue our long-standing commitment to The Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania and target at least 50% of our charitable giving towards organizations that address the challenges faced by marginalized communities.
    • We will enhance our DE&I reporting to continuously hold ourselves accountable and transparent.
    • We will broaden our Diversity Performance Management efforts by revitalizing our Firm diversity dashboard with real time diversity benchmark updates and recruitment insights.
    • We will educate our practitioners through continued education and annual trainings, an extension of our mandatory Unconscious Bias Training.
    • We will enhance and promote our Employee Resource Groups PHamily Matters and ProspHire Women’s Network, continuously evaluating the needs for additional inclusion groups.
    • We will continue to expand community outreach through PH Cares, creating a greater culture of community outreach, charitable giving and service within the Firm.