Soaring to New Health – Bonus Episode, Who the Health is ProspHire

Welcome to Season 1, the Bonus Episode of the Soaring to New Health Podcast.  

This episode is Who the Health is ProspHire. Our hosts, Chris Miladinovich and Dan Crogan are talking with Lauren Miladinovich, CEO, Managing Principal and Co-founder of ProspHire about the history of the Firm, why the focus is 100% on healthcare and why relationships are the number one core value. 

Lauren and Chris started the Firm in 2015. Within a year they opened the first office space on the North Shore of the city of Pittsburgh. By year three they determined the focus to be 100% on healthcare, earned a woman in business certification and expanded the headquarters to a new location in the Pittsburgh Power Building in downtown Pittsburgh. As ProspHire was about to hit a milestone five-year anniversary in 2020, COVID cases spiked and we all found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic. Small but mighty, ProspHire took an agile approach and adapted, pivoted and succeeded in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment. The leadership team is already looking forward to its 10-year anniversary in 2025. 

Coming up with a company name was not a priority at the time but ended up being a big deal.  

Chris had a few requirements: it had to be less than 2-syllables, the domain name had to be available and it had to be easy to say. ProspHire was derived from the first mission statement that ‘clients hire us to help them prosper’. Everyone in Chris’s inner circle said it was great but it didn’t do well when it hit the market. No one could pronounce it, understand what it was or what it meant. The few years that followed included a lot of marketing dollars to create over 1,000 alternative names… all rejected. To this day, they still have fun with mispronunciations. 

Before 2015, Lauren was leading large, complex project management engagements and Chris had experience in health and human services and the consulting industry. Together, they had a passion to do something that helped businesses that helped others. Focusing 100% on the healthcare industry was a natural fit. 

One of their favorite activities is the annual Prosper Together Day. The Firm’s charity of choice is the Boys and Girls Clubs and every year in Pittsburgh and now in Philadelphia the employees spend an entire day in interactive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities that teach leadership and life skills, as well as played games with the children of the Clubs. Lauren and Chris’s pet pig Nola sparked the relationship with the Clubs. Nola had her own Facebook page and the Clubs had been following her story when they reached out to propose making her the celebrity for a new Kiss-a-Pig Fundraising Gala.  

For more on the history of ProspHire and why client relationships are so important, download the Soaring to New Health podcast, Who the Health is ProspHire, where you find your podcasts.