Healthy Aging Awareness Month

Healthy Aging Month is observed during the month of September. This observance raises awareness on the physical, mental, social and financial wellness of older adults and serves as a reminder that as we age, our minds and bodies change. It is essential to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle to help deal with those changes and to help prevent common age-related health problems. Even if you have not thought of these changes, it is never too late to consider ways to re-invent yourself.  

No Age Limit to Adopting Healthy Habits

The United States boasts an increasingly aging population; according to the 2020 census, 1 in 6 people are now over the age of 65[1]. This trend is largely driven by the size of the Baby Boomer generation, born 1946-1964. By the 2030’s, it is estimated that older adults (over the age of 65) will outnumber the number of children (under the age of 18)[2]. Figure 1 illustrates this trend over the past century, which further emphasizes the importance of adopting healthy aging habits[3].

What Are Healthy Habits and Behaviors for a Healthy Life?

Embrace a well-rounded approach to your well-being during Healthy Awareness Month and beyond, with a collection of empowering habits and behaviors that build lifelong health and vitality. Try some of these healthy habits and behaviors:

  • Take a proactive health approach by maintaining healthy habits throughout your life
  • Adopt a healthy diet and incorporate moderate physical exercise into your daily routine
  • Monitor your health by receiving regular health screenings from your doctor
  • Volunteer and get involved with local groups to maintain a sense of community
  • Take advantage of rewards & incentives tied to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Talk to your insurance plan today.

How Can ProspHire Help? 

ProspHire has subject matter experts working closely with Health Plans, Provider Practices and Community Specialists to enhance healthy lifestyle opportunities while optimizing current benefit offerings. The healthcare community can attain an excellent level of insight into outcomes via Quality Measures. It provides a deeper understanding of how various internal and external contributing factors play a critical role in one’s outcome.

ProspHire is continuously working with key stakeholders to leverage data indicated by these contributing factors such as Social Determinants, Health Equity and Geographical Indicators to improve Quality Measures and provide the right resources needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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