Are your healthcare programs making the right impact in your most vulnerable communities?

ProspHire’s expertise in SDOH aided in the launch of a regional health assessment and strategic plan within a state-wide program.


The client faced an opportunity to stand up a state-wide program to facilitate a collaborative approach to plan and coordinate activities that address regional social determinants of health (SDOH), reduce health disparities and promote health equity and value in care. They had no existing program structure or facilitation and needed to develop regional strategic plans that would assess state-wide needs and intervention opportunities to improve the health of vulnerable communities.


ProspHire facilitated regional councils to implement the planning and coordination of activities that address social determinants of health and promote health equity. They analyzed key metrics, led localized discussions to isolate pain points and gaps and identified regional opportunities for improvement. During this process, ProspHire developed regional strategic plans proposing SDOH focused interventions to reduce existing health disparities across vulnerable communities. The team used industry best practices to develop the strategic recommendations and gain statewide support to collaboratively execute the recommendations.


ProspHire delivered five regional strategic plans complete with community assessments and recommendations to improve the health of communities of greatest need based on local priorities. These recommendations focus on collaborative opportunities between health plans, health systems and community-based organizations. They also provided methodology to monitor and implement improvement strategies, ensuring continued progress, development and a sustained statewide program.

Julie Evans

Senior Manager

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