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It is imperative that organizations continually have a focus on Medicare Stars to achieve optimal success and reach their contract goals. Is your organization currently experiencing pain points within your Stars Program? At ProspHire, we’ve been partnering with health plans to conduct comprehensive Stars Capability Assessments. These assessments enable us to produce sustainable strategic plans to achieve contract level success.

Below we detail some common organizational challenges facing low performing or at-risk Stars contracts.

Common Organizational Challenges

  • Lack of Organizational Wide Buy-In
  • Siloed Entities with the Health Plan
  • Lack of Stars Education and Awareness
  • Poor or Weak Governance Structure
  • Limited Stars Budget and Dedication
  • Lack of Spotlight on Medicare Line of Business
  • Reactive not Proactive Program Actions
  • Poor Measure and Contract Level Forecasting
  • Lack of Analytics Driving Decision Making
  • Poor Priority Measure Identification
  • Lack of CMS Guidelines and Regulatory Understanding
  • Competing Priorities Drawing Away Focus

Within a Stars Program Capability Assessment there are six core items that our team at ProspHire evaluates to identify the current state of a Stars program. Measuring a plans capabilities focused through these six areas empowers us to uncover insights and determine pathways forward to improve Stars measure and contract level performance.

6 Core Items to Identify the current state of a Stars program

At ProspHire, we’ve successfully partnered with a number of health plans to improve their Stars capabilities. Is your plan in need of a Stars Program Capability Assessment? Fill out the short form in the right column and connect with one of ProspHire’s experienced leaders.