Q & A with Jaspreet Laungia on Administrative Cost Savings

Jaspreet Laungia

Senior Manager

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Welcome to the Q&A session with Jaspreet Laungia, the service leader for ProspHire's Administrative Cost Savings service. Today, organizations are facing the dual challenge of delivering exceptional patient-centered care while optimizing operational efficiencies. Jaspreet brings a wealth of expertise in identifying and addressing inefficiencies in administrative processes, enabling organizations to achieve higher efficiency rates with a leaner team.  

What does ProspHire’s Administrative Cost Savings service focus on? 

Our Administrative Cost Savings service focuses on enhancing operational efficiency by streamlining processes, analyzing staffing levels and skill mix and reducing inefficiencies ultimately decreasing overall administrative spend while maintaining quality and staying compliant.  

How does ProspHire help health plans achieve higher efficiency rates? 

We focus on identifying opportunities to streamline processes by either introducing automation, optimizing resource allocation, recommending outsourcing and standardizing operations. This optimization enables organizations to repurpose resources for higher value tasks or increase input altogether, driving up member satisfaction and reducing administrative cost pressures.  

What does ProspHire do to assess business processes?  

We assess business processes by conducting process, technology and data assessments, comparing resource skill and throughput to industry standards and recommending continuous improvement activities in partnership with stakeholders across a business unit or the entire department. 

How do ProspHire’s analyses and recommendations benefit organizations? 

Our analyses and recommendations improve resource utilization and help recreate a culture of continuous improvement within organizations, leading to enhanced productivity and cost savings. 

What outcomes can organizations expect from ProspHire’s Administrative Cost Savings service? 

Organizations can expect improved resource utilization, enhanced efficiencies, cost savings and a culture of continuous improvement that ultimately drives up revenue for health plans while delivering quality to its members.