Q & A with Lauren Miladinovich, CEO, Managing Principal and Co-Founder of ProspHire

Lauren Miladinovich

Co-Founder, Managing Principal and CEO

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We are thrilled to sit down with Lauren Miladinovich, CEO, Managing Principal and Co-Founder of ProspHire. With a profound commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery and execution, Lauren has taken ProspHire to new heights, offering invaluable expertise and innovative solutions to clients across the healthcare landscape.

As CEO and Managing Principal, what overarching principles guide your leadership approach?

My leadership approach is grounded in several core principles: transparency, excellence, integrity and fostering a people-centric culture. Central to this approach is prioritizing open communication through clear, concise messaging and active listening. I encourage teamwork and empower individuals to take ownership of their work to enhance engagement and innovation within our team. Upholding high standards of excellence is a constant pursuit, as we are committed to continual improvement and embrace a culture of learning. Integrity is non-negotiable, as we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards to build trust and credibility. Additionally, we prioritize the well-being, professional development and diversity of our team members, recognizing that investing in our employees is essential for our collective success. By consistently reinforcing our mission and values and integrating them into our daily operations, we ensure alignment and drive collective success for ProspHire and our clients.

What do you see as the most pressing challenges that healthcare organizations face in terms of delivery and execution? How does ProspHire address these challenges?

The most pressing challenges often revolve around operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and adapting to evolving healthcare landscapes. To address these issues, we leverage our deep industry expertise to help clients develop effective strategies or to execute the strategies that they already have. Our talented team of healthcare consultants bring the knowledge and experience needed to work closely with clients, fully understanding their business and becoming an extension of their team.

"The most pressing challenges often revolve around operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and adapting to evolving healthcare landscapes."

Collaboration is crucial in consulting engagements. How does ProspHire build collaboration both internally among team members and externally with clients to achieve successful outcomes?

Collaboration is indeed crucial in consulting engagements. At ProspHire, we prioritize building strong collaboration both internally among team members and externally with clients. Internally, we build a culture of collaboration through cross functional teams, regular knowledge sharing sessions and open communication channels. We ensure that all team members understand the goals, objectives and desired outcomes to help everyone stay aligned and work towards a common purpose. It’s important to create an environment built on trust and respect for team members to feel confident in sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Externally, we believe in building strong relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency and effective communication. We engage in collaborative workshops, co-creation sessions and regular progress updates to ensure alignment and understanding of goals and expectations. By working closely with our clients as strategic partners, we can leverage their insights and domain knowledge to develop solutions that address their unique challenges and drive successful outcomes.

Additionally, we celebrate success. We celebrate small wins and large milestones together to acknowledge achievements and recognize each other.

There are several pivotal trends shaping the future of healthcare: digital transformation, data analytics, value-based care, regulatory compliance, population health management and interoperability. To maintain our edge, we invest in talent development, building strategic partnerships, customizing solutions, engaging in thought leadership and remaining adaptable to changing market dynamics. By staying ahead of emerging trends, leveraging expertise and providing tailored consulting services we aim to continue to deliver value to our clients and solidify our position as an industry leader in the evolving healthcare industry.

"To maintain our edge, we invest in talent development, building strategic partnerships, customizing solutions, engaging in thought leadership and remaining adaptable."

As a successful woman leader and founder, how do you champion and support other women in business, both within ProspHire and across the industry?

I have always been passionate about supporting women leaders and building diversity and inclusion in business. I believe that diverse perspectives lead to better outcomes and stronger teams. Within ProspHire, we actively mentor and provide growth opportunities for women, ensuring they have the resources and support to thrive in their careers. We launched a woman in leadership course called ‘In Her Shoes’ in memory of one of our Managing Directors. We have ProspHire Women’s Network which includes in person and virtual events that are educational or an opportunity to network. We also encourage the women in the firm to seek outside mentorship for well-rounded perspectives.

Additionally, we advocate for women in business through partnerships, sponsorships and initiatives that promote gender equality and leadership development. It's not just about achieving success individually; it's about lifting others as we climb and creating a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

"We advocate for women in business through partnerships, sponsorships and initiatives"

Reflecting on your journey at ProspHire, are there pivotal moments or lessons that have significantly influenced your approach to leadership and business management?

There have been many moments and lessons learned that have influenced my approach to leadership and business management. Leadership is a skill that requires continuous development and it’s not a one size fits all approach. I’ve worked with many people who had different styles over the course of my career. I’ve found success when I tailor my style to adapt to others. Also, I’ve learned the importance of leading with empathy.

In the early days of ProspHire, our leadership team met weekly, in person and could fit around an 8-person conference table. That was a vastly different experience than it is today with nearly 30 people on the leadership team, mostly virtual and in different geographies. There have been many challenges and changes with the growth of the team and the evolution of a hybrid work environment. Being resilient and open to change has allowed for smooth transitions.  

Keeping our mission and values at the forefront of every business decision has been paramount in our success.

What excites you most about the future of ProspHire and the broader healthcare consulting landscape? What do you envision as the next phase of growth and impact for the Firm?

What excites me the most about the future of ProspHire is being able to continue our mission to help our clients provide better access to quality healthcare. Understanding their needs, exceeding their expectations and earning their loyalty is my core focus. We’re making a meaningful impact in healthcare and that drives all of us to want to continue growing.

Giving back to the communities we live and work in is deeply fulfilling. We have a long-standing partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs. We even spend our Prosper Together Day of service with the kids.

We’re always exploring new markets, both geographically and demographically. The potential for reaching new clients and leaders and expanding our footprint opens avenues for substantial growth. Deepening our industry partnerships can amplify our strengths and drive innovation to deliver exceptional value to our clients. The rapid pace of technological innovation presents endless opportunities for us to improve existing processes and streamline operations. Embracing emerging technologies can position us at the forefront of our industry. The future of our Firm holds immense potential for innovation, growth and positive impact. By focusing on these aspects, I am confident that we can build a prosperous and sustainable future for our employees and clients.