Q&A with Dan Crogan, Principal and SVP of Consulting

Dan Crogan

Principal and SVP of Consulting

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Welcome to our Q&A session with Dan Crogan, a Principal and the Senior Vice President of Consulting at ProspHire. The Firm takes a distinctive approach to healthcare organization transformations, centered on expert delivery and execution. We view our teams as extensions of our clients, measuring success not just by project completion but by seamless integration of change into daily business activities. With a commitment to understanding the client’s vision and tailoring innovative ideas to accelerate plans, ProspHire collaborates closely with clients, recognizing the unique nuances within each organization. We’ll explore how ProspHire’s healthcare exclusive focus, collaborative approach and emphasis on how driving adoption sets us apart in the healthcare consulting industry. You’ll also learn about methodologies, success stories and the role technology plays in achieving impactful healthcare transformations.

ProspHire emphasizes expert delivery and execution in healthcare organization transformations. Can you share examples of how this commitment has led to successful outcomes for your clients and what strategies your team uses to ensure excellence in delivery and execution throughout the project lifecycle?

Our dedication to expert delivery and execution has consistently driven successful outcomes for our clients. We understand that the healthcare industry is complex and every health plan has unique member needs and unique challenges. Our team leverages our client’s expertise because no one knows their members and challenges better than them. We approach each engagement as if we are an extension of their team and utilizes our experiences to customized solutions, continuous improvement and transparent communication. Together they help us deliver exceptional results for our clients and drive positive transformation and sustainable growth in the industry.

ProspHire's approach and philosophy

Approach and Philosophy:  Can you elaborate on ProspHire’s approach to viewing the internal teams as an extension of clients that are healthcare organizations? How does this approach contribute to successful transformations?

We look at each healthcare organization as if we are an extension of their team. The way we measure success isn’t just when the project is completed or goes live, it’s when the change is adopted as a business-as-usual activity. By doing this, we’re able to work with the leader to understand their vision and why it’s important to the company. With their vision and our experience, we can bring innovative ideas to accelerate their plans and develop the roadmap with the client’s delivery teams on how the project can be completed. An important thing for us to remember is, even though we may have successfully completed the same project 100x elsewhere, how it gets done within each client’s walls can be drastically different and we need to adapt to those differences.

Differentiation in the Industry: ProspHire prides itself on being 100% healthcare focused. How does this exclusive focus differentiate you from other consulting firms in the industry?

ProspHire distinguishes itself in the consulting industry through an unwavering dedication to healthcare. It’s a commitment that sets us apart from many of our competitors. We approach our engagements as being an extension of the clients’ teams, building a deep understanding of their needs and objectives. We take pride in our unique capability to enhance our clients’ strategies, executing projects with precision and efficiency. Our measure of success goes beyond project completion; it is defined by the seamless adoption and transition of projects to the client, ensuring they can independently operate without external assistance. This approach emphasizes long-term effectiveness over short-term milestones, reinforcing ProspHire’s reputation for delivering value to our clients.

ProspHire success stories

Success Stories: Can you share a recent success story where ProspHire partnered with a healthcare client to achieve significant transformational outcomes? What were the key factors that contributed to that success?

We’ve been dedicated to delivering transformative outcomes in healthcare for nearly a decade and every project has its own unique significance. Whether it’s a small, two-person engagement lasting just a few weeks to swiftly address a client’s immediate needs or a complex project like launching a new ACA product or helping a client in achieving a coveted 4-star rating for Quality Bonus Payment (QBP) or helping a dental client integrate other DSOs as part of acquiring new practices, we approach each with the same level of commitment and pride. What sets us apart is our understanding that every client has choices when it comes to selecting consulting firms and we are honored when we earn their trust to partner together on any engagement. It’s the combination of dedication, adaptability and trustworthiness that consistently contributes to our clients’ success and sets us apart in the industry.

Methodologies and Frameworks: ProspHire adapts methodologies to the client’s environment. Can you provide examples of the diverse methodologies and frameworks your teams leverage to ensure effective delivery and execution?  

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor methodologies to suit each client’s unique environment and references for project execution. One of the key approaches we take is to leverage the delivery model that best aligns with the specific needs of the client and the type of engagement. Our diverse team is equipped with a range of certifications including PMPs, CSM and can provide expertise in agile methodologies, waterfall, scrum, ITIL, among others. Additionally, we have certified nurses on staff, further enhancing our capacity to understand and address healthcare-specific challenges. Over the past five years, we have extended the certifications to our clients through our ProspHire University.

Keeping up with the trends in healthcare

Keeping Up with Trends: How does ProspHire stay up to date with the latest trends and regulations to provide clients with the most relevant and impactful solutions?

Staying on top of the latest trends and regulations in healthcare is fundamental to our mission of helping our clients provide better access to quality healthcare. First and foremost, we prioritize listening to our clients, striving to understand their pain points and how we can alleviate them, enabling to focus on future planning. Secondly, our exclusive focus on healthcare allows us to closely monitor changes from entities like CMS and government agencies, translating them into actionable insights for our clients. Additionally, we actively participate in conferences and maintain a robust network of partners, creating an environment to discuss public insights and their implications. Lastly, our commitment to innovation ensures that we continuously evolve to meet our clients’ changing needs. With a dedicated innovation team, we transform ideas into tangible solutions, addressing both current challenges and anticipating future requirements. This multi-faceted approach ensures that ProspHire remains at the forefront of industry trends, equipping our clients with the tools and strategies they need to succeed.

Technology and Transformation: Given ProspHire’s technology-agnostic approach, how does technology play a role in healthcare transformation projects and how do you ensure its seamless integration for project success?

Our world is enabled by technology one way or another. At ProspHire, our approach is to be technology agnostic and apply proven methods of delivery and implementation to any engagement we earn. We aim to be fluid with the market and products so we can provide a neutral opinion to our clients based on what they need vs. products we’re tied to. Not every client needs the exact same solution, even if the problem is similar. There are enterprise-wide factors that need to be accounted for before making these decisions and spending a lot of time and money implementing the change.

Collaboration Strategies: Collaboration is crucial in solving complex challenges. How does ProspHire develop strong collaboration between its consultants and the client’s internal teams to ensure seamless execution?

Building strong collaboration between our consultants and our clients’ internal teams is paramount to driving seamless execution in tackling complex challenges. We approach every client engagement as an extension of their team, rather than as an external group. We recognize that no one understands our clients, their team dynamics and their challenges better than they do themselves. Therefore, our focus remains on integrating seamlessly into their operations, rather than drawing attention to any perceived differences. The ultimate testament to our collaborative approach is when our clients tell us that they can’t distinguish our consultants from their own full-time employees. This feedback reaffirms our commitment to working hand-in-hand with our clients, leveraging our expertise to support their goals while maintaining a unified and cohesive team dynamic.  

Change Management: Large-scale healthcare transformation projects often require changes at various levels of an organization. How does ProspHire manage change management strategies to ensure smooth transitions and adoption of new processes?

Managing change in large-scale healthcare transformation projects begins with a strategic approach embedded withing our contracts. While contractual obligations provide a framework for change management, our motivation extends beyond mere legal requirements. We prioritize clarity in our contracts to underscore our ultimate objective: to alleviate our clients’ pain points, effect transformation and facilitate the smooth transition of responsibilities back to their teams. Our emphasis is not on prolonging our involvement but rather on empowering our clients to operate their programs independently. This approach reflects our commitment to responsible and efficient project execution, ensuring that that our clients can quickly adapt to new processes while positioning us as trusted partners for future initiatives.  

Leadership and Differentiation: As a principal and the Senior VP of Consulting, what key qualities and expertise you believe your team brings to the table that truly differentiates ProspHire in the healthcare consulting arena?

I firmly believe that our team’s key qualities and expertise set us apart in the healthcare consulting arena. One of our core strengths lies in our unwavering commitment to a shared end goal. This may seem straightforward, but as our firm expands, the importance of over communication becomes paramount in ensuring alignment among our leadership and staff.  Our overarching objective is clear: to serve our clients’ needs without exception. This means sometimes referring them to another resource or competitor if we can’t address their problem responsibly and promptly. We refuse to allow our clients to remain in pain or wait for solutions that may not materialize. This dedication to client-centric service underscores our leadership approach and distinguishes ProspHire as a trusted partner in healthcare consulting.