Star Year 2022 Insights; A Look Back, A Look Ahead

Andrew Bell

Senior Manager

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In 2021, 219 contracts saw improvements in ratings, compared to only 63 last year. In partnership with Hyperlift, the ProspHire team has put together a look back at Star Year 2022, complete with an analysis about the performance of all contracts industry wide. The industry experienced an unprecedented increase in performance (due primarily to the impact of CMS’ Better-Of guidance) and we want to make sure you’re planning to sustain your success next year.

Looking ahead to Star Year 2023, there are several critical considerations for Stars leaders to embrace to maintain or improve their Star Score.

  1. Managing Expectations with Senior Leadership: As you close out Q4 efforts and move into medical record review and CAHPS season, it’s imperative that Stars leaders appropriately set the right expectations with Leadership moving into SY2023. With the emphasis in Member Experience and CAHPS (and the shift in measure weighting from 2x to 4x) paired with the probable drop in overall Star Ratings, Senior Leadership needs to be aware of potential downside risk to Stars contract scores.
  2. Lesson’s Learned and Strategy Sessions: It’s always helpful for teams and leaders to step away from their day-to-day work and observe progress, risks, and issues from a high level. At ProspHire, we have partnered with Hyperlift to facilitate and lead several successful Program Strategy sessions. Teams need to rigorously evaluate not only measure performance, but also intervention and initiative effectiveness to stay ahead of risks and make data-backed decisions that drive positive results.

There is no singular success model for Stars. Each plan has their own unique set of challenges which require their own unique solutions. Successful Stars Programs share similar characteristics including governance and accountability models, analytics insights into both measures and interventions, as well as support from Senior Leadership.

If you’d like to talk more, please contact Andrew Bell, Manager and Stars Leader, [email protected]

Stars 2022 Industry Analysis - Stats and Graphs