Position: Specialist

Angie Connelly

Angie is a Specialist Master and member of the Firm’s Leadership Team. She has 15+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry.  At ProspHire, Angie applies her clinical knowledge to drive business solutions and process improvements for her healthcare clients.   A skilled project manager, she recently led utilization management (UM) and care management (CM) assessments for a large healthcare provider. She developed a CM Playbook with strategic recommendations to increase engagement and improve the overall operating model. She also has a robust understanding of government programs operations within clinical services and applies her subject matter expertise to solve business challenges in both the payer and provider markets.  Angie was previously a clinical research nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She specialized in phase I and II oncology clinical trials and has extensive experience in pediatrics and intensive care medicine.   Fun fact: Angie’s hobbies include replicating recipes, crafting DIY projects from Pinterest and occasionally, tandem sky diving.