Benefits Optimization

ProspHire’s team of seasoned healthcare professionals helps organizations update, expand, launch or retire their Plan Benefit Packages (PBPs). From strategic planning to implementation, we provide the support they need to optimize their benefits offerings, meet Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) deadlines and ensure compliance. Our structured and sustainable approach drives successful outcomes, and our member-centric strategies improve engagement and retention.


ProspHire’s works with our clients to understand the strategic goals and collaborate to develop an approach for PBP and service area expansion. Once defined, the process moves into Bid Design and Approval with alignment from all areas of the organization to understand the commitment and needed accountability to support benefit strategy.

Strategy development for PMP and service area expansion
Bid design approval and submission
Improved marketability
Ability to perform real-time enrollment and benefits analysis


  • Benefits grid with current plan and competitor data
  • Strategy decks for senior leadership
  • Training materials for Field Marketing Organization (FMO) and brokers
  • Preparation of required documents
Case study

Increasing Medicare Advantage Plan Membership

We helped our client increase their Medicare Advantage plan membership by 68% and prepared them to expand into target markets.

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Joshua is a PMP-certified Senior Manager at ProspHire, responsible for oversight of the Firm’s Benefits Optimization service offering. He has experience working with managed care organizations (MCOs) to update, expand, launch and retire Plan Benefit Packages (PBPs), and navigate the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) bid, design and submission process. Learn more about Joshua.