Government Markets Required Documents

Regulatory requirements are constantly changing and ProspHire helps clients ensure their government programs are compliant, efficient and effective. The Firm specializes in optimizing operations and managing the production and distribution of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) required documents.


ProspHire transforms Government Market Required Document Programs to formalize the governance and operating model, define processes and optimize delivery to create an iterative program to annually produce compliant Government Market Required Documents preventing decreased member satisfaction and CMS fines.

Formalized required documents program, governance and operating model
Compliant CMS required documents
Increased member satisfaction
Sales training materials
Defined and documented processes
Identified and recommended processes and improvement areas


Our proven playbook methodology formalizes the program and streamlines processes to provide a consistent approach to delivering compliant Government Markets Required Documents Program throughout the full lifecycle.

  • Required Documents Playbook with immediate optimization opportunities
  • CMS compliant required documents that avoid fees and fines
  • Required Documents Roadmap and Program Toolkit

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Julie is responsible for leading the Government Markets Required Documents service area. As a Manager at ProspHire, she is skilled in project management, process improvement and public health.
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