Process Optimization

ProspHire assesses business processes to identify strengths and weaknesses, address performance issues and improve efficiency across a business unit or the entire organization. Our analyses and recommendations improve resource utilization and help create a culture of continuous improvement.


ProspHire specializes in performing an assessment of your operations and identifying opportunities for streamlining operations. We achieve this by identifying value associated with automation initiatives or process improvement opportunities, thus improving team efficiency and supporting your goals and targets.

Eliminated duplicate and costly efforts
Reduced process completion time
Improved quality of work output
Decreased friction in processes
Increased KPIs and metrics
Regulatory compliance


ProspHire implements a complete model for Process Optimization that you can continue to leverage even after your engagement with us ends.

  • Structured workflows and desk level procedures for enhanced processes with clear regulations
  • Comprehensive assessment to measure improvement and performance against baseline
  • End-to-end training for resources to properly perform revamped department operations

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Jaspreet is a PMP-certified Manager at ProspHire, responsible for the Firm’s Process Optimization service offering. He is adept at assessing clients’ current state, identifying operational inefficiencies and implementing automation to optimize processes. He has delivered solutions related to vendor integration, data conversion and reporting for ProspHire’s healthcare clients.
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