Risk Adjustment

Navigating operational complexity and maximizing risk score accuracy

Navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare poses a myriad of challenges for organizations and at the heart of these complexities lies the daunting task of risk adjustment. The effective management of the risk adjustment process is imperative to ensure health insurance payers have adequate resources to meet the needs of their member population. Risk adjustment requires the management of vendors and the capability to process and supervise the transmission of large amounts of data. Any inefficiencies in this process have immediate financial implications for the organization and its members.

At ProspHire, our team of healthcare professionals offers holistic solutions to bolster every aspect of your risk adjustment program.  Whether you require high-level strategic planning, assistance with RFPs, vendor management or program evaluations, we’ll draw upon our extensive knowledge and experience. We excel at pinpointing improvement opportunities that translate into favorable return on investment for your organization. 

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Risk Adjustment Program Best Practices

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Encounter Submission Program Evaluation

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Retrospective Program Evaluation

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Prospective Program Evaluation

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Vendor Effectiveness Evaluation​

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Program and Project Management

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