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Managing healthcare relationships as valuable partnerships

With today’s volatile environments and ever-changing technologies, disciplined Vendor Management Office (VMO) operations are critical to the growth, financial health and the mission of providing quality care to healthcare members. Health plans are positioned to recognize significant cost savings and efficiency creation opportunities by establishing, fully integrating and optimizing VMOs. 

ProspHire drives in-depth analyses and recommends strategies to specifically help healthcare organizations operationalize and drive efficiencies within their VMO. Our custom tools help streamline the vendor selection and onboarding processes; and the efficiency measures we put in place will help any healthcare organization realize real cost savings.  

With a focus only on the healthcare industry, ProspHire’s subject matter experts specialize in developing, implementing and maturing vendor management operating models. We follow a proven framework approach to help health plans efficiently and effectively manage every aspect of the vendor management lifecycle, identify cost savings opportunities and limit third-party risk exposure. 

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Scalable VMO Project Management

Enhanced Third-Party Risk Management

Improved Vendor and Contract Lifecycle Management

Optimized Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

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