As we approach the year end for Star Year 2024, are you using these tips to finish strong?

Rebecca Yarish

Senior Manager

Talk to a Healthcare Professional


Star Year 2024 (SY2024), also known as measurement year 2022, is nearly over! With only a few months left in the measurement year before HEDIS/Hybrid season begins, here are some tips and tricks to make sure your team makes the most of the time remaining.

Prior to HEDIS/Hybrid season, plans should target specific HEDIS measures with the greatest opportunity to impact their Star Rating. Utilizing forecasting tools to determine priority measures will help to target efforts for a final HEDIS Blitz. This includes investigating potential RewardFactor (RF) and Quality Improvement (QI) measure opportunities.

Providers are the cornerstone of a member’s health journey. By working closely and partnering with providers, plans can develop gap-closing initiatives by utilizing provider specific gap-closure reports. The Stars team needs to ensure that when working with provider’s and clinical teams, the gap-closure reports continue to be updated on a frequent basis to monitor performance and effectiveness.

Continued communication with senior leadership is key to managing expectations and ensuring the organization is aware of priority initiatives. Stars teams should look to utilize weekly status reports and monthly forecast updates to continue transparent communication as the measurement year comes to a close.  

While year-end blitz efforts should be a large focus to close out the measurement year, Stars teams need to ensure that preparations for HEDIS/Hybrid Season, CAHPS and TTY/FLI are in place. Questions to consider in preparation: