New Analytic Dashboard Provides Real Time Insights into SDOH Needs


The MCO conducts social determinant of health (SDOH) assessments and runs a program of interventions to close care gaps for its Medicaid members. The client faced challenges in leveraging the data gathered through assessments to assess population needs, identify priorities and develop targeted interventions in the areas most in need.


ProspHire proposed implementing an interactive Microsoft Power BI dashboard leveraging member data along with external public health databases to identify SDOH needs and visualize geospatial health disparities among the MCO’s members. This solution supports clinical leaders and health plan administrators in making data-informed decisions for the selection of and investment in interventions to close care gaps and address health equity.


ProspHire implemented an interactive dashboard to deliver real-time insights into MCO member health outcomes and SDOH needs by census tract and county. The tool was designed to generate a list of recommended interventions based on the health outcomes and SDOH needs identified in the region of interest. Through an ongoing support model, ProspHire will provide continued maintenance services and develop additional enhancements for use cases identified through the utilization of the tool.


  • Geospatial health disparities and SDOH needs drilled down to the census-tract level
  • Member health outcomes and SDOH needs benchmarked against publicly available data
  • Evidence-based interventions to address needs identified in the areas of interest

Client Overview

The client is a Managed Care Organization (MCO) that provides Medicaid and Medicare services through an integrated delivery model.

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