Successful large-scale software implementation and optimization of 45 newly onboarded dental practices for a national DSO in less than 9 months.


The client, a national Dental Service Organization (DSO), encountered challenges in the practice integration process, resulting in gaps and challenges onboarding newly affiliated specialty and general practices to the standard practice management system(s) and enterprise operational processes and procedures. The objective was to implement two new practice management software systems and any associated third-party integrations in general and specialty practices, standardize operational and workflow processes, optimize performance to meet future state needs, enhance the patient experience and ultimately achieve practice- and enterprise- level cost savings.


ProspHire performed a comprehensive current-state assessment of the client’s recently acquired dental practices that involved administrative and clinical workflow analysis, hardware and equipment inventorying, comprehensive revenue cycle evaluation and future state need assessment post-conversion. We developed a detailed project roadmap for seamless onboarding and provided a multi-prong educational curriculum that involved both virtual and in-person trainings and self-study materials to facilitate knowledge acquisition. To identify and overcome barriers during implementation, we utilized a proactive approach that involved practice and DSO operational collaboration via regular working and feedback sessions throughout the conversion timeline to meet both practice and enterprise operational goals and alignment. Comprehensive onsite go-live support was delivered during the first week of the conversion to contribute to the successful adoption of the software system and operational workflows. ProspHire diligently monitored the process from start to finish over a nine-week project timeline for each practice to ensure a successful implementation, transition and handoff to the client’s operational team.


ProspHire led the successful conversion of more than 45 practice locations across the United States to two unique practice management software’s within multiple specialty and general practice locations over an eight-month period. We devised an Integrations Playbook that outlined a well-defined roadmap to establish a standardized acquisition and onboarding process for all newly affiliated general and specialty practice locations, thereby ensuring optimal operations and seamless collaboration between enterprise and practice-based administrative and clinical teams. In addition, we furnished a comprehensive Standards of Practice document that aided in training and navigating the new system and processes for the enterprise if practices are acquired in the future.


  • Integration Playbook that detailed project roadmap for seamless practice onboarding to the Open Dental and Cloud9 platform
  • Multi-prong educational curriculum for virtual and in-person trainings on the Open Dental and Cloud9 platform including self-study materials
  • Standards of Practice document to aid in training and navigating Open Dental and Cloud9 with processes to follow for future acquired practices

Client Overview

A national Dental Service Organization (DSO) including more than 250 affiliated dental offices that are a mix of specialty and general practices.

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