Transforming Project Management: How ProspHire Elevated an Integrated Delivery System to New Heights


The Integrated Delivery System experienced significant growth over time without established standards, resulting in delays and budget overruns across projects and programs. Teams operated with their own plans, status reports and processes lacking a unified governance framework. This absence of standardization and accountability affected all projects, big and small. Furthermore, the system’s challenges in managing budgets effectively and link initiatives to value, return on investment and cost savings led to project cancellations and efforts that produced no tangible outcomes. Diverse methodologies and inadequate capacity planning across the enterprise stretched resources thin, leaving teams without the necessary expertise to deliver effectively from both a subject matter and project management perspective.


ProspHire aligned with existing PMO leaders and executive leadership to thoroughly understand the current environment, identifying both opportunities for improvement and existing strengths across the enterprise. This collaboration involved assessing the types of projects, delivery methodologies, portfolio/project management processes/templates, resource capabilities, strategic priorities, vendor relationships and immediate areas of focus. Leveraging extensive experience in the healthcare PMO space, ProspHire addressed immediate regulatory and compliance needs while also planning for the operational, technical and strategic vision of the EPMO over the next 12-16 months. This comprehensive approach ensured not only immediate solutions but also a sustainable framework for long-term success.


In collaboration with the client, ProspHire established a foundational Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) Operational Model. This model included a prioritized execution plan designed to support the health plan, ambulatory, acute and capital portfolios within the enterprise.


  • EPMO Governance
  • Operating Model for Portfolio Management, Program and Project Management Functions
  • Demand and Capacity Framework
  • Deliverable Templates for Executive Awareness, Program and Project Status
  • Key Performance Criteria
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Technology Recommendations
  • Training and Onboarding of EPMO Staff

Client Overview

Integrated Delivery System focusing on implementing an EPMO to support the Health Plan and Provider functions with a focus on aligning execution to strategic vision.

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