Women in Leadership

Congratulations to the first class of women from ProspHire to earn Women in Leadership Program Certificate from Emory University: Emory Continuing Education. Kathleen Bali, Lauren Dempsey, Tricia Egry, Julie Evans, Lauren Miladinovich, Rikita Shah, Rebecca Yarish completed the 5-week online program entitled Women in Leadership: Driving Transformation Through Innovation and Resilience. Each module was led by a female subject matter expert with expertise in the areas of innovation, cultural awareness, engagement resilience and self-advocacy.

This class is a part of In Her Shoes, a program that honors our colleague and dear friend, former Managing Director Hannah Hass who passed suddenly in late 2021. The program is focused on inspiring and empowering the women of the Firm through professional development.

For more on Hannah Hass and her legacy, Honoring Memory of Hannah with ‘In Her Shoes’ Program (prosphire.com)