Client Results: Identifying Health Trends via Analytics

Managed Long Term Services and Supports

A Custom Reporting Dashboard Suite Provides Actionable Insights into Participant Needs


The MCO utilizes a vendor partner to ask direct care workers questions regarding the health, appointment and SDOH needs of their Medicaid participants. Responses are collected and stored in raw data files on a recurring basis. The client’s LTSS team faced challenges managing the data flow, deriving thematic insights, and determining appropriate interventions to address care needs.


ProspHire collaborated with client stakeholders to outline the data management process, define insightful metrics and identify best next steps for care delivery. ProspHire designed and built an analysis visualization and reporting tool according to client preferences for a Microsoft Excel-based platform. The team implemented a timely data import cadence and minimized manual work through formulaic automation in Excel. The final build established a consistent framework to enable complex raw data to be transformed into actionable information that directly impacts LTSS patient care delivery.


ProspHire utilized Microsoft Excel to deliver a series of dynamic reporting dashboards, in a one-stop-shop, tailored to provide specific care insights. End-users can view meaningful detail regarding individual care needs in an accessible way and understand population-based trends, converting this raw data into care-oriented metrics operationalized information that was otherwise underutilized. The client can now identify specific needs and mitigate risks for participants through care delivery decisions backed by data. Additional reporting visuals provide stakeholders with supplemental knowledge of correlations between care needs to help inform broader population health management and program design.


  • Participant level care needs prioritized by criticality
  • Correlations between identified care needs to inform bundled clinical actions
  • Micro and Macro approaches to addressing care needs (i.e., provider group and individual participant reporting)

Client Overview

The client is a Managed Care Organization (MCO) that provides Medicaid and MLTSS services through local and community-based resources.

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